New Expeditions

December 2, 2018

In October – November 2018 we had three expedition for sample in: Tunkinskii region (Buryatia) Kabanskii region (Buryatia) Verkhoturskii region of Sverdlovsk oblast (Ural region)

Retreat in August 2017

August 19, 2017

Traditional Miniconference (retreat) for the lab’s staff and for guests on August 20-22 2017 in Druzhba hotel (Vyborg). The agenda of the conference includes

Journal club

July 10, 2017

New Journal club meeting will be on Thursday, July 13 at 3:00pm. Anna Gorbunova will present the article “A global reference for human genetic variation” Nature 526, 68-74, 2015

Journal club

June 6, 2017

Journal club will held on Friday, Jube 9-th at 2:00pm. Sergey Malov will present article A Genome-Wide Analysis of Populations from European Russia Reveals a New Pole of Genetic Diversity in Northern Europe 2013

Journal club

May 31, 2017

New Journal club meeting will on June 1 at 2:00pm. Igor Evsukov discuss an article Reconstructing genetic history of Siberian and Northeastern European populations. Genome Research CSHL 2016

Journal Club May 25 2017

May 24, 2017

Thursday, May 25 at 3:00pm. Journal club: Anton Logachev: Whole-genome sequence variation, population structure and demographic history of the Dutch population. Nature Genetics. 2014. doi: 10.1038/ng.3021

Journal club

May 10, 2017

On Friday, May 12 at 2:00pm Journal club. Katya Chernyaeva. Large-scale whole-genome sequencing of the Icelandic population. Nature Genetics, 2015

Journal club in the lab

April 24, 2017

Big interest and hide amount of information by the topic Genome Russia inspired an idea to create a journal club in the lab, where researchers of the lab will discuss published article in magazines concerns the topic. List available here # Paper Reporter Date by plan Real date 1. Swedish… Read more »