Lab’s retreat in October 2016

October 15, 2016

Traditional laboratory’s retreat held twice a year this year has a specific. The invited guests of the retreat this year were representatives of rectorate of the University, including Scientific rector-deputy S. Aplonov, the first rector-deputy I.Dementiev, and also director of the scienepark S.Mikushev and director of biobank A. Glotov.
So the retreat became extended presentation for rectorate the project, implementing by T. Dobzhansky Centre called Genome Russia.
With restriction of time of Rectorate members the presentation was short and the total duration of the retreat was less than 4 hours.

Theodosius Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics
St. Petersburg State University

9:00AM-1:00PM October 6

  • I. Intro, Goals and collecting specimens
    • S.O’Brien Introduction Goals and datasets
    • V.Brukhin Genome Russia samples
  • II. Lab protocols+ tracking
    • Anna Gorbunova Lab protocols for specimen processing
    • A.Logachov/A.Shevchenko /I.Evsyukov
  • III. Data and IT organization
    • N.Cherkasov IT capacity and needs
    • S.Simonov Websites
    • V.Rotkevich Databases
  • IV. Sequencing production and Platform Bake Off
    • D.Polev Peterhof sequencing to date
    • A.Yurchenko Bake-off description , analysis, findings
  • V. Analysis for Gene mutation discovery -new and known
    • A.Komissarov Overview of analytical findings
    • S.Kliver QC of sequence and SNV calls
    • S.Sidorov Multi sample alignment and SNV calls
    • K.Krasheninnikova Copy number variation
    • G.Tamazian Known mutations
    • D.Zhernakova Novel mutations
  • VI. Natural History
    • P.Dobrynin Population and demographic analysis
  • VII. Phenotypes
    • A.Shevchenko GWATCH gene association Application
    • S.Malov Statistics & mutations
    • Katya Chernyaeva TB Russia
  • VII. Closing
    • S.OBrien Summation