“Genome Russia” project started in St.Petersburg State University

July 8, 2015

President’s Office of the Russian Federation has securing approval of the “Genome Russia” project (2015-2018) and funding appropriation. The funding was negotiated and submitted by SPSU Rector Nikolay Kropachev, and assisted by Vice Rector Ilya Dementiev. In April of 2015 St. Petersburg State University launched the Genome Russia Project aimed at collecting and analyzing DNA samples of the representatives of major ethnic peoples inhabiting Russia. Genome Russia comprises researchers from over 20 Institutions across Russia and is coordinated by the Theodosius Dobzhansky Centre for Genome Bioinformatics at St. Petersburg State University, led by vice rector Ilya Dementiev and scientifically directed by Professor Stephen J. O’Brien.

We have developed a groups of collaborators who will active in sample collection, ethnic group selection and administering informed consent to study participants. This list will grow as we recruit additional collaborators across Genome Russia in 2015 and 2016.